Monday, March 16, 2009

The Post That Noone Will Ever Read

The taste of the coffee as it rolls down my throat is so rich and bold, perfectly complemented with the reheated subway sub I decided to have for breakfast.  This, I feel, is the perfect backdrop for my first blog post ever; a blog post that almost noone will read.  But just in case you stumble this, or  you know me and I make you read this, I might as well take it seriously.  The purpose of this blog for me is the mere enjoyment I recieve when considering the fact that people I've never laid eyes upon could be reading my writing.  The purposes of this blog for you, the reader, could be endless:  To learn more about me, the life I live and my reactions to troubles of everyday life or it could simply be to make fun of me and my retarded quirks.  Either way, sir/maam, I am at your service and I hope that this path we take together is long and entertaining.  Whatever the case, I vow to give you nothing but the sour truth.  And so ends the post that you shall never read.

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  1. I'm high on Vicodin, not sure if I could as having read it